JustKeepBreathing_C“Throughout my life.. i have been beaten by foster parents, by familys boyfriends, by people I don’t even know. I grew up in pure Hell, and torture. I lost my mom for 5 years due to her love for alcohol and not her own kids. I have been bullied and sexually harrassed. I have been kidnapped & raped” —E 

This is just a glimpse of a few real words written to us by thousands of real people. This book is our response. The shoes of Reggie Dabbs have walked on every continent over the past twenty-five years and what he has seen and heard on his journey into our own backyards, hidden in plain sight, is nothing short of shocking. As one of the most sought after speakers in the world, Reggie is invited to share his incredible story with millions of adults and students each year. We figure it is high time that the world hears their stories as well. Along with author John Driver, M.S., a former public school educator and a fifteen-year community youth leader, advocate, and mentor, Just Keep Breathing! is a book of twenty-one real letters extracted from the vast digital inkwell of a generation dying to be heard. Borrowed mostly from the thousands of messages to Reggie’s Facebook page, these letters have been kept in their original form with names, dates, and locations changed to protect the identities of the authors. Each letter is followed by Reggie’s real response of hope to the individual. John also adds insight and “Breathable Moments” for friends, family, and teachers—equipping the reader to help those in crisis continue breathing another day—because tomorrow holds the answer to their today.

Release Date: January, 2016. Thomas Nelson.

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Comedian Tim Hawkins shares his perspective on life in the twenty-first century. 

Best known for his song parodies and riffs on yoga pants and homeschooling, Tim now shares his secret thoughts on everything from marital communication to church music to fatherhood. Diary of a Jackwagon peels away that pesky top layer of reality to reveal that for life’s messiness, laughter is the best medicine—when there aren’t any pills left.

Release Date: August, 2015. Thomas Nelson.

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In 1953, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a baby boy was born—dead. The attending physician set his little body aside and tended to his mother for eighteen minutes. Now, more than sixty years later, that boy leads an internationally known ministry that encourages hundreds of thousands every year. The Boy Born Dead traces the roots of this harrowing, humorous, and heartfelt story. Few American epics of tragedy, intrigue, friendship, and faith will entertain and challenge the soul like the narrative inspired by the real life events of David Ring—a boy literally born dead who eventually survives, but not without sobering consequence. Living with the harsh realities of cerebral palsy, Ring faces impossible odds, yet stumbles into an improbable life of inspiration and influence in the small, unassuming town of Liberty, Missouri in the 1960s. As a teenage boy, Ring finds himself tragically orphaned and being shuffled about to various homes. Along this journey, he faces secret, unspeakable atrocities that eventually plunge him into the depths of depression and attempted suicide. But amidst the harsh troubles of life, he encounters another boy his same age named David, the son of a local pastor. Their unlikely friendship begins on the rocks, but eventually develops into something extraordinary and unique that alters the trajectory of both of their lives—and the whole town of Liberty—forever.

Release Date: Fall 2015. Baker Books. Purchase HERE.



REGGIE is the inspiring, true story of a man who went from impossible beginnings to a life spent sharing his story of hope with millions of people each year around the world. Reggie Dabbs’ life changed when in the second grade he realized he was adopted and that his birth was the result of a twenty-dollar deal his sixteen year old unwed mother made to feed her three other children.

Interwoven with humorous and thought-provoking anecdotes, as well as stories from the Bible and his international travels, Reggie’s chronological story is his message to students and adults that they are powerless to change their past, but they possess a unique potential to change their future.

Released March, 2011. Thomas Nelson. Purchase HERE.



ignition 7 BookIgnition 7 is a simple idea: seven original videos, along with other creative resources, that walk people through seven days—possibly their first seven days—of following God and beyond. This book walks the Free Runner another twenty-eight days because the reality is that “No One Goes Home With Them.”

The book adds another dimension to the content of the videos by telling the true story of Dylan Bumbalough, the talented young man free running in the videos. My journey with Dylan began when he was about fourteen years of age. His early years were riddled with constant trouble at school and at home. Dylan was an angry young man who experimented with many dangerous paths. His first God-encounter seemingly did not seem to “take” and I was certain that despite all our efforts, he was lost. But God had a different plan for his life—a plan that Dylan accepted for himself.  Dylan’s life story is real, just like yours.

  2012, Ignition 7 Resources. Purchase HERE.


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For millions around the world, looking in the mirror can be a painful endeavor. And when that mirror is broken, what you see is not really who you are—each jagged shard distorts one’s true image. Beauties appear as beasts.

Ron Rhoads is no stranger to painful shards and his story has already influenced countless people across the globe. Ron’s deepest wound was inflicted at the age of eight when he was attacked by a sexual predator—a secret that festered within him for over a decade producing crippling fear and emotional brokenness. But his mirror would not stay shattered forever, even through countless other battles with cancer, danger, ridicule, divorce, his daughter’s rare incurable disease, and more. Ron’s story sometimes reads like a modern-day chronicle of Job, but his life better mirrors that of Joseph. Paralleling the elements found in the life of Joseph, this narrative is the unbelievably true story of two men, one ancient and one modern, whose tragedies were transformed into purpose at the merciful hands of The Mirror Mender.


A Little Fish Named Nelly is the story of a tiny little fish with some pretty big worries.  Her search for her own gift in the great big huge world leads her to receive a very strange present from her Daddy.  What happens next changes not only alters the course of her life, but also the course of history.

Inspired by the John’s daughter, Sadie (whom he has always playfully nicknamed “Nelly”), this children’s book is written in the Dr. Suess tradition and is entertaining for both young children, as well as students and adults. It makes a great graduation gift.  




Chronicles of Sadie. I became a father in 2008 and my life has never been the same. When our little Sadie entered the world, I began blogging and writing about my experiences as a first-time father.

When my Sadie recently turned five years old, I re-edited and re-released those initial entries in a humorous and reflective project called The Chronicles of Sadie. My goal is to celebrate my daughter and my wife, while encouraging and walking alongside young and new parents in the most difficult and also most fulfilling challenge one can face in this life: parenthood

Each of these reflections, along with photos for each entry, are available at 


Shriveled Heart

 Just imagine being face to face with the eternal Giver of Life and discovering that his laughter is as genuine as his smile.  Imagine sitting with him on a grassy hillside and chuckling with him as he tries to speak with his mouth full of the fish and bread he has just multiplied.  Shriveled Heart is the story of Jesus seen through unexpected eyes- the eyes of a deformed man named Tychicus whose encounters with Jesus changes his world forever.  Picture the intertwined lives of the religious and the rejected, Pharisees and prostitutes, sovereigns and soldiers, and two young outcasts who find friendship in each other in an era of Roman conquest and heightened political unrest.  Their encounters with Jesus take them in different directions, but bring them together again in a remarkable way at the cross.  This is the saga of perpetual failure stumbling into the arms of invincible love.  This is the story of Jesus… just imagine.