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A New Look for The Daily Thread

May 12th, 2009

As I approach a year of writing The Daily Thread, I just want to humbly say thanks to the hundreds of you who read along every week. The Thread has been my attempt to post modern cultural reflections on the truths of ancient wisdom through humor, personal illustrations, and some good old soul-searching.  As we progress, I’m making a few updates to the way we do things.  

First of all, I’ve completely reworked The Daily Thread blog site with a new skin, new photos, and some new features.  Many of you who are email subscribers may have never actually been to the real WordPress site.  I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t as you can see other information, over two-hundred archived Old Threads, as well as comments from readers.  Anytime you receive the email version of the Daily Thread and you’d like to comment on it, just click on the title and it will take you to the actual WordPress site.

Secondly, I’ve changed the format a bit.  I’ve experimented with only posting two or three Threads per week instead of five and to honest, there was no public outcry.  Big surprise, I know . . . I was expecting a call from the White House, but none came.  In fact, there are just as many or more people visiting as before.  I theorize that the reason is this: because of the nature of life’s madness, most people aren’t reading daily.  Therefore, they read the one that is posted the day they do visit the site.  So, The Daily Thread is now posted two or three times per week . . . truth is still a daily occurrence even if the blog is not.  Nice.

Lastly, as we launch into the next season of Threading, if you think anything we’re discussing would be beneficial, intriguing, or engaging for someone you know, shoot them a link to the site via MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or email and tell them about it.  I’m not the only blogger out there and I’m by far not the best, but if this cup of tea seems like it would be tasty for someone you know, then pour them a cup . . . spiritually, of course. 🙂

Thanks again for reading.  I’d love to hear any of your comments (remember that you have to go to the actual site to post them . . . here’s the link:  I’m honored each time you read.

May 12th, 2009 at 2:51 pm

hahahaha! whats funny is that i WAS going to say something about you NOT posting the daily thread … daily. lol. and you use that “they read the one that is posted the day they do visit the site”… yeah, no. we all know that your a busy guy john and its ok to realize it. even though you have miss Pat doing everything for you. hahah jk. And the fact that you want to spend more time with your daughter is quite fine by me. lol

I do like the new look and i dont mind seeing the same post more than once within two days.
… oh and sweet pics.


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