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A Rare Weekend Thread!

June 21, 2008

Technically, The Daily Thread isn’t daily– sorry for the false advertisement, but I only plan to send it out on weekdays.  However, I wanted to stop for a few moments on this lovely Saturday evening and reflect on the The Daily Thread’s first week.  Just for the moment, I will steer away from our textual focus in Psalm 19 and branch out into pure personal rabbit trailing.  Tune in Monday when we return to our focus text.

But for now, let me climb into a nutshell and tell you that I couldn’t be more elated at the response to the blog.  Your heart . . . stupendous!  Your dedication . . . unrivaled!  Your creativity . . . stunning!  Your personal hygiene . . . well, your creativity was indeed stunning.  

In three days, there were right at 350 views of our various posts and dozens of comments left by a variety of people.  I truly believe that we have begun to accomplish our individual goals of opening up our hearts to what God is saying and supporting each other in the daily struggle to thrive spiritually.  Week one down: a lifetime to go!

On a side note, if you feel that The Daily Thread might be useful to someone (or someones) you know, try shooting them a link and a semi-pushy “encouragement” to check it out . . . okay, I’m just kidding– make it blatantly pushy.  And for each of you who are already interacting with us, I’ve added a new feature at the top left of the page that allows you to subscribe to receive an email each time there’s a new post.  We’ll keep making it better.

To conclude, I now turn to my weekend events– mainly Friday night.  Several of us engaged in our second Buddy Break outing.  Buddy Break is a new ministry in our church that provides three hours of rest and respite for parents of special needs kids.  We, the buddies, spend the evening just befriending our special VIP friends while their parents get a much deserved rest.  Just let me say, it was incredible and I am again reminded that we each have the chance to do the stuff that Jesus does– how cool is that!

So rest well, my friends . . . rest well.  Savor sweet dreams of summertime bliss and open your hearts to growth.  Just like summer, you’ll need to keep watering all those things that are planted within you and that’s where we come in– watering each other– spiritually, of course.  You get the drift.




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