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Being Present is a Great Present

July 28, 2008

Focus Text: Psalm 46: 1 (NKJV)

1 God is our refuge and strength,
         A very present help in trouble.


Stop Here and Reflect Before Reading Ahead


Well, hence I leave for the moment the Chronicles of Sadie and return to the regular Daily Thread.  For the next chapter, I reflect upon Psalm 46.  To be honest, I’ve felt that this is the next chapter that I’m supposed to write about for a while now, but I’ve struggled to find a chic, humorous, relevant illustration or anecdote that would tickle the fancy of you, the reader.  Oh, I’ve got stuff . . . and I’ve even written stuff; but something just doesn’t feel right.  It’s like I’m trying to “dress up” something that doesn’t need my accessorizing.  So, here it is in it’s raw, most stripped down truth . . . the way it’s supposed to be.

God is . . . It begins with God.  That’s always where anything worthwhile begins.  Creation.  Redemption. Purpose. Eternity.  All things that exist begin with God.  He is the personification of existent creation.  He is the starting point of every problem’s solution and the ending point of every day’s hopelessness.  God simply is.

Our Refuge . . .  A place to hide.  A place to run to.  A place to escape from the dangers that surround us and that lie within us.  A location.  Can you think of another individual who is also a location?  God is bigger than a personality– He’s His own zip code!  And in this place– this locality that is God– we have a place to call our own.  That’s refuge.

And Strength . . .  The opposite of weakness.  The antithesis of frailty.  The perpendicular line to the course that we are on.  If we were strong, we wouldn’t need God to be our strength.  Again, can you think of another person is also “strength?”  God’s muscles are flexed into dimensions that the human mind can only conceptualize or dream about.  God is more than just a friend; He is the ultimate Friend.  The One you want on your team.  The anti-bully whose very presence sends our enemies staggering in the opposite direction.  Our strength with no ceiling.

Very present in times of trouble . . .  And now we finally open the floodgates.  All the previous descriptions may seem to be mere propaganda to the skeptic– the poetic and high description of deity that would fit in the annals of ancient poetry better than our everyday lives.  But I submit that this line eternally separates the skeptic from sealing shut the case on God’s interaction with man.  All the previous depictions are great, but they are worthless if God isn’t around.

Sure, He’s powerful.  Sure, I know that He knows everything . . . sees everything . . . is aware of everything.  But what if i told you that in the midst of His awe-inspiring grandeur, He has decided to knock on your front door.  That’s right, He’s close.

Present . . . Not absent.  Not distant.  Not far away.  Not tardy.  God is here, right in the middle of the muck.  Right in the middle of your questions.  Your pain.  Your anguish.  Your confusion.

The most impressive thing about His impressiveness is that He’s impressed with you!  That’s the mystery that cannot be disproved or written off.  God is easy to ignore or to blame until you realize that He’s standing in the room with you . . . holding in His hand the very hiding place and strength that you so desperately need.  He’s not just God . . . and He’s not just present . . . He’s very present.

I can think of no greater gift that divinity has bestowed upon humanity than to join us in the fray.  He’s near to you– that’s His present to us.  Have you unwrapped Him?


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