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Even Girly Feet Need Angels!

July 14th, 2008

Focus Text: Psalm 91: 11-13 (NLT)

11 For he will order his angels
      to protect you wherever you go.
 12 They will hold you up with their hands
      so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.
 13 You will trample upon lions and cobras;
      you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet!


Stop Here and Reflect Before Reading Ahead

I would consider myself somewhat masculine.  I’ve been shaving since I was twelve.  Most of the time, my five o’clock shadow erupts on my face around noon.  Yeah, I spit in the sidewalk and hair grows! Muscles– eh, I could take ’em or leave ’em . . . well, mainly leave ’em.  But I do like sports!  I can speak somewhat intelligently about most sports, or at least fake it pretty well.  

I’m not very fashion-conscious (as evidenced by my Fashion Revolution blog from last week ( .)  Concerning clothing, what matching does occur in my life is a mixture of my wife’s influence and my natural inclination to wear dark colors (another sign of my manliness.)  Hey, black matches almost everything!

I’ve worked hard my whole life– thanks to Dad.  I enjoy manual labor and the satisfaction of a job well done.  I’ve got callouses on my hands and a farmer’s tan that makes John Deere look like Calvin Klein. I’m completely mesmerized by power tools and I’m the kind of guy who can joyfully spend hours on a Bobcat just moving dirt from one pile to another– yeah, now that’s what I call fun!  When football season rolls around, you can find me criticizing my favorite team’s coaching decisions at every turn.  Hey, there’s no doubt in my mind that I could coach in the SEC– I’m just undiscovered!

All in all, I’m confident (not overly-confident, just secure) in my masculinity.  However, I take this moment in this public forum to reveal my Achilles Heal . . . well, really it’s my Achilles Foot . . . which I’m aware is not really an expression, but oh well.  My feet, you see, apparently didn’t get the “masculine memo” and they somehow ended up as tender and sensitive as a baby’s bottom.  That’s right, I suffer from . . . take a deep breath . . . girly feet!

I’m as ticklish as five-year old.  I can barely walk barefoot across concrete; gravel might as well be a fire pit in Hawaii!  Despite my aversion to long shopping trips, the trip to the shoe store is always a long ordeal.  That’s because I have a bone spur on my left foot that irritates me unless I find the perfect shoe. Furthermore, my ankles are the size of an infant’s wrists and they develop blisters instantly if touched by the backs of shoes.  Whether the result of excessive walking or just because I’m unlucky, I’ve got major foot issues.

Now, it may seem obvious, but I submit that foot problems most commonly affect one’s walk.  If I’m in the wrong shoes, I’ll walk awkwardly.  Consider this equation: foot problems = walking problems.

Psalm 91: 11-13 addresses some foot issues as well.  Continuing the thoughts of protection and rescue that we’ve been discussing in this chapter the last few days, the Psalmist speaks of God’s protection through the use of angels.  Now, I’m not going to fully discuss every aspect of angels since we don’t have the time, but a few facts about them are important to understand.

1. Angels aren’t human.  They are spirits with spirit bodies who operate in the spirit world.  When people die, they don’t become angels like Yosemite Sam.  Some theorize that angels don’t have belly buttons since they were never born.  Angels are spiritual beings created by God.

2. Angels aren’t at all what the drawings usually portray them as.  Baby, female angels with sweet little harps and ribbon adorning their ivory skin is not the Biblical portrayal we see of angels.  Try enormous warriors with flaming swords, blinding flashes of light, and messages that melt the hearts of men!  Here’s a little hint: in scripture, almost every time an angel appeared to a human, they fell to the ground as if they were dead!  Yeah, put that on your Valentine’s Day Cupid card!  Also notice the first words they almost always spoke: “Don’t be afraid.”  Right, you’re a twelve-foot tall lightening-bright super soldier with a fiery sword the size of a Volkswagon– what’s there to be afraid of?

3. Angels are created to serve God.  They are messengers, warriors, praisers, and protectors.  The Bible speaks of “legions” and “hosts” of angels– that means there are probably millions of them.  They take orders from God or from Satan (demons are fallen angels who have pledged their allegiance to Lucifer.)

Psalm 91 says that God orders His angels to protect people.  Now, as we’ve been reading, this protection is contingent upon the theme of this chapter: living in the secret place with God.  Oh man, but for those who do, consider this another major benefit.  

However, this protection has a focus: feet.  What?  Just read it again and see.

Go.  Won’t hurt your foot on a stone.  Trample.  Crush under your feet.  Hmm, are you seeing a trend? Each aspect of the angels’ protection in our lives deals with our feet.

Angels don’t just exist to amuse our imaginations with thoughts of Lord of the Rings-type battle scenes. No, they exist to follow God’s orders to help us overcome our girly feet . . . spiritually.  Again, feet denote walking.  Therefore, the premise of these verses is that God’s angels are assisting those who are walking in the right directions.  We’re supposed to be going somewhere!

If we never walk down rocky paths, then there’s no need for angels to assist us in keeping our feet safe from stones.  If we’re afraid to walk because of the enemy who “roars like a lion” and slithers like the ancient snake that he is, then our feet will never trample lions and cobras.  Your feet were made for walking!  Besides, you’ve got some pretty major backup coming from your Father in the secret place.  

Angels got your back!  Well, or I guess they got your feet!  You get the point.



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