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January 15th, 2009

There’s just something about free stuff. I don’t just mean this in the discount sort of way; I mean that when we give something away, it has a different kind of value.

I’m not a very good salesman or promoter, but I do want to tell you about a few things that have recently happened in my life. Last year, a good friend of mine and producer named Rick Altizer approached me about writing songs for our church that would benefit our congregation. I was sold! Rick and I began to write and we knew early on that there was something divine happening both in our songs, as well as our friendship.

The end result was a worship album entitled Li(Fe) Worship Elements. Several good friends joined in with vocals, instrumentation, and writing. Some of them included Jonnie Wethington ( and Dane Allen ( We also heard from the lovely Chloe Kohanski. Before we had even released the album, one of our songs “Your Name” was picked up and published by Brentwood-Benson (Universal).

Just last week, I learned that “Your Name” has been chosen for the Worship Leader Magazine Song Discovery program. This basically means that it will be featured on a compilation CD for March-April with about a dozen other worship leaders and writers from around the country. The last SongDiscovery CD included writers like Chris Tomlin, Todd Agnew, Paul Baloche, Jon Abel, Tommy Walker, Steve Fee, Phil Wickham, and more. We’re pretty excited about it and the possible thousands of individuals, churches, and worship leaders it could reach.

That being said, we want to be givers. Therefore, in partnership with our church, Life Assembly, we are releasing the Li(Fe) Worship album Elements as a free download. The download comes with album artwork, an iTunes LP, a link to lyrics and chord charts, and more. It’s a pretty cool opportunity.

So, I want to give this album to you, my faithful blog readers. Some of you may already have the actual CD, but feel free to download it anyway and check out the cool artwork features that it brings into your iTunes.

Now, I would like to ask a one thing of you. Our goal is to get Li(Fe) Worship Elements out to as many people as possible. We are already in the works on several avenues of release that will hopefully take it all over the world and as of right now, we’ve already had worship leaders from many different parts of the country download the album.

Therefore, I’m asking that you would forward the download link to everyone you know, especially those whom you think would benefit from it or enjoy it. Feel free to listen first obviously and only send it if you like it. Tweet about it. Post Facebook messages about it. Email everyone in your email list about it. Climb to the top of your local water tower and spray paint about it.

It’s free, so we have nothing to lose! The link to the download is Thanks again for all that you do and for being a part of The Daily Thread.


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