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Fret Not Yourself

Psalm 37 is riddled with the wisdom to “fret not yourself” (ESV). Oh man, are we not a generation of “self-fretters”? The most important aspect of our lives are . . . well, our lives themselves. Our dreams. Our fears. Our security. We are intoxicated with a drink that has had plenty of time to “ferment” in self-focused living.

Is this normal? Sure. Is normal okay? Negative.

Jesus wasn’t revolutionary just because He called us to change; plenty of religions do this. His message was uniquely absurd because it refocused His followers on something besides themselves. It was mysteriously lacking in the “self-improvement” mantra that most people expect from religion.

Do we improve by knowing Jesus? Indeed. But with Him, our improvement comes through a sacrifice of self rather than a worship of it.

Today, I want my life to be about more than just my life. What do you think?


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