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Mistaken “Gircles” of Salvation

February 3rd, 2010

It’s easy to make mistakes . . . to think something one thing when in actuality, it is another thing altogether.  How often do we label things one way when they should be categorized differently?

Koalas are not actually bears; they are marsupials . . . like kangaroos.

Mountain goats are not goats.  They are actually small antelopes.

The jackrabbit is not a rabbit at all, but rather a hare . . . but maybe we’re just splitting “hares” here.  And I digress.

My point is that we mustn’t let our reality be skewed by our own limited perception or experience.  To my little girl Sadie, anything that is round is a circle . . . or “gircle” as she says it.  The circle on the television screen. Gircle! The little elastic hair band.  Gircle! The little orange goldfish that we feed our children (we’re such health nuts.)  Gircle!

Ah, but the day is fast approaching when all of these things will stop being solely “gircles” and start being what they actually are.  Now, in the context of my parenthood, I dread this day.  But in the context of my faith, I hope that this day comes soon for me personally.

Take the word, “save” for instance.  We throw it around in Christianity like a corn hole bean bag. Are you saved?  When did you get saved?  We must get people saved! You know, I think that each of these statements is so true, but we often run the risk of missing the full meaning of the word.  James 1: 21 (ESV) says, “Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls” (emphasis mine).

In our context of spirituality, this is just another “gircle” . . . you know, saved.  Ah, but the Greek meaning of this word reveals so much more.  The word for “save” is “sozo” and it means “to keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction, to make well, to heal, to restore to health, and to make whole.” Wow!  There’s more to it than just what we think of as “being saved.”

My point?  May we approach the day . . . and our own salvations . . . with an ever-expanding conceptualization of what God has done and is continuing to do in us.  Salvation is free, but it is not simple.  It is a perpetual, miraculous process of rescue and healing.  It shouldn’t be easy to define or describe . . . just like being in love isn’t a simple concept to express . . . especially when you’re the one who’s in love.

Being “saved” is so much more than just a “gircle” of our religion.  It is everything!  Our bridge to the Father’s favor.  Our open connection to the heart of the Savior.  Our free-flowing source of restoration and healing . . . a process that began at a nasty cross a few thousand years ago and continues to expand faster than the universe and time itself.

Don’t mistake it for something else.  Oh and by the way, the killer whale is not a whale but the largest member of the dolphin family.  I’m just saying.


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