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The 200th Post of the Daily Thread!

March 31st, 2009

It’s hard to believe, but today is my two-hundredth post of The Daily Thread blog.  Every time we reach a milestone along this journey, I like to pause and reinforce my purpose in writing and also reflect upon where we’ve been.

It began in June of 2008.  My purpose has been to write every weekday (or most every week day) a modern cultural reflection on the ancient wisdom of scripture.  Sometimes the stories are supposed to be humorous; sometimes they slice me right to the heart . . . the Bible has a way of doing that.

Again, it is my hope and prayer that these threads have helped you hear the voice of God’s wisdom in your own life.  If so, I’d love it if all of you Daily Threaders out there would leave a comment on either your favorite thread from the past few months or something that God has spoken to you through this process.  If you’re new to the Daily Thread, check out the archives.  Here are a few of my recent favorites (if you don’t see the links, you may have to copy the URL addresses and paste them into your address bar).

Thanks so much for reading!  If it has helped you, feel free to shoot a link to a friend and encourage them to subscribe.  Together, we all just might grow a bit.  See you tomorrow!


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