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We Don’t Do Lying

March 20th, 2009

Focus Text: Proverbs 13: 5 (NLT)

5 The godly hate lies;
      the wicked cause shame and disgrace.


Stop Here and Reflect Before Reading Ahead

Cats don’t do water.  Guys don’t do scrapbooking.  Eskimos don’t do tanning beds.  Sumo wrestlers don’t do diets.  Race car drivers don’t do speed limits.  Vanderbilt fans don’t do bowl games.  You get the point, right?

There are certain things that certain kinds of people simply don’t do.  It’s not that they simply choose not to, but it’s more so the result of every fiber of their being having a differently woven tapestry of values.  

Shaq doesn’t shoot three pointers.  Bald men don’t do hair gel.  Cemetery residents don’t do complaint cards about the condition of the grounds.  Vegetarians don’t do hunting.  Billionaires don’t do the lottery.  

It’s about the stuff we are made of.  It’s about how we think and what values comprise our worldview and the paradigm where within our decisions are made.  If I’m a Tennessee fan, I will never be in danger of buying a Florida hat.  If I own a car and it is running, I will never choose to walk to Memphis instead of driving.  Who I am dictates what I do . . . and don’t do.

This passage takes this concept one step further by expounding upon a basic, four-word truth about those who claim to have met God: “The godly hate lies . . . ”  Lying is the foundation upon which many of our modern cultural institutions are built.  Just consider the recent financial crises caused by dishonesty and the lack of an integritable set of core values.  Money became king on Wall Street . . . usurping America’s throne of integrity and becoming a tyrannical and merciless ruler.

It is unfortunate that more people who were aware of the crisis as it was gaining momentum under the surface of our faux prosperity didn’t speak up for what’s right. There weren’t enough people who “hate lies” to care.  Those lies came home to roost, though . . . they always do.

It’s easy to point the finger at Washington and at big business, but what about the dishonesty in us.  If this whole list of examples I have listed are true, then the following statement should also ring true: Christians don’t do lying.


Ah, but we often do, don’t we?  Only you and I can answer for ourselves individually, but I think it’s safe to say that lying is often as alive and well within circles of faith as it is anywhere.  As offspring of the Author of Truth, this simply cannot be.  It’s not an option that we’re contemplating; it’s a line in the sand.  Christians simply cannot make a practice of lying with no spiritual recourse.  It’s not just written in scripture once, but literally dozens and dozens of times.  

If Christ is who we claim to follow, we must follow Him in complete truth . . . even when it hurts . . . scratch that . . . especially when it hurts.  

I would be remiss to not mention those cases in which an individual who is new to faith struggles with the truth because their old lifestyle was riddled with dishonesty.  Understand my heart here and the heart of scripture: this is not a harsh disciplinary statement that eliminates the possibility of mistakes.  What it is saying is that dishonesty should not simply be tolerated in our system if we claim to have a new system within us.  Dishonesty will only bring “shame and disgrace.”

Those with acid reflux don’t do hot wings.  Personal trainers don’t do hotdog-eating contests.  Nudists don’t do laundry.

Christians don’t do lying.


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